Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2015 Goals Part One

I mentioned in another post my decision to become a Certified Personal Trainer in 2015. This is something that has been on my mind and heart all year. After having Little Mike I really wanted to get back into shape and be healthy.

Being motivated to workout and participating in the Operation Snapback run challenges really reminded me of my love for fitness. When I think back to my high school days I remember being one of a handful of girls in my physical training class.

I remember being able to lift weights and squat just as much as some of the boys in my class. Then life happened. I went to college, got married and started having babies.

In an effort to stay true to myself, I slowly got back to a place where I was eating right, drinking my green tea and working out when I can. All year I tossed around the idea of being able to help other women like me. I don't necessarily want to be a body builder or a bikini model but I do want to be healthy and look cute!

After researching many different certification organizations I decided to go with the American College of Sports Medicine. I chose them because they were the first organization to certify fitness professionals and they establish the guidelines that all other certifications use for training. I also liked that their resources for preparing for the exam were affordable.

I plan to get two certifications. One for personal training and another for group exercise classes. 

Now. I also love saving money so imagine how happy I was to find all of the books I needed on eBay brand spanking new for only twenty-eight dollars with shipping!!!

If that's not a sign of confirmation I don't know what is!

I'm looking forward to this journey. Not only will I learn more about something I'm passionate about but I can also help others and even make a little bit of money doing so. HA-LAY-LEW.

Have you thought about what you may want to do in the coming year? I'll be sharing my other 2015 goal a bit later.


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