Tuesday, January 13, 2015

EBook Progress

It's looking pretty brand new around here, right? Apparently I have been blogging for almost three years. Since no one should have the same look that long I figured my blog was long overdue for a little sprucing. I wanted something a bit cleaner. I'm very happy with the new look and will probably continue to play around with it over the next week.

What do you think? Are you feeling this new look?

January is already almost half way over. Can't believe it. Time waits for no woman. Keeping my 2015 goals in sight I am happy to share that I am almost done with the eBook I've been working on. I only have three chapters left to create.

Once it's done I'll send it off to be read for edits and content feedback before submitting it for a copyright number. If you would have told me I'd finally be a published author this year I may have only slightly believed you.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy this quote from the book. Feel free to pin it, share it and pass it around like a hot potato. Also, if you haven't already go here to subscribe to my mailing list to receive a copy of the book for free when it's released. 

Are you actively pursuing your 2015 goals yet? Let's get it!


  1. I think its perfect and very suiting. Clean and bold…not dramatic so the transition was pretty smooth too! You know I love a blog makeover so I was happy see this.

    1. Thank you! I was past due for a new look! I'm still making some decisions about my sidebar but other than that I'm really happy with it.

  2. Your redesign looks great. I'm looking forward to reading your e-book.

  3. The blog looks great. Good choice on the style. Looking forward to the eBook.

  4. Love the makeover! Super sleek!

  5. I love the new look, simple yet chic and clean!!


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