Monday, February 23, 2015

31 Before 32: Bible Study & Journals

Remember my post about 31 things I wanted to do before turning 32? Well, I'm checking things off the list. I had an Amazon gift card to use and I decided to get my bible study resources and a journal with it.

It took me a while to decide on which books I wanted to use. After visiting the Family Christian store in my neighborhood I decided that Amazon would probably have a bigger selection of workbooks. I was wrong. After I purchased my items I ended up finding a christian bookstore website that had tons of stuff. Tons. I'll buy from them the next time I'm ready to get more resources.

I'm always shocked when Amazon doesn't have something or doesn't have a wide selection of something. Anyway. Here are the books that I got.

bible study resources for women

I really love how the devotional guide is broken down by the week and also by the day. The workbook I chose was the best that I found while I was looking. I wish the devotional book I chose had a workbook. This workbook is pretty good, it just doesn't follow the devotional, which is what I wanted. 

The Husband Project is a book that caught my eye while I was in the Family Christian store. I'm not going to say much about it because my husband reads my blog. Look it up.

 Journaling was also a part of my 31 before 32. I ordered the little red journal through Amazon. It's so small. I'm not sure if I like the size of it but I am a fan of the red leather so maybe I'll keep this one in my purse for fleeting thoughts while I'm on the go.

The silver and gold journal is one I found while strolling the aisles of WalMart. There were so many pretty covers. I went with this one because it was the most grown up looking journal out of all of them.

journal diary for women

I've been reading Andy Cohen's diary from 2014 and it has inspired me to write my journal in that way. Instead of making it a deep journal about my feelings I think I'll write about the surface stuff that I'll want to remember years from now. Do I really want to remember every single emotion from this year? No. But I do want to remember what happened to encourage that emotion. 

So. I'm checking these two things off m'list! On second thought, I'll check the journals off my list. I'll check the bible study off when I'm done with it next year. :-) (blogs should have emoji)

31 things to do before turning 32

Have you checked anything off of your list for 2015 yet?


  1. I'm going to look up The Husband Project it sounds like it will be a good one to read. I feel the same way about Amazon. I'm always shocked if they don't have something that I think they should have.

    1. It's been really helpful. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Gurrrrl, you better get it in!!!!! Now this is my type of post… Yes ma'am… I slowly BUT surely checking things off of my 2015 list! Wooohooo… Thank God for small beginnings!

    Btw, I'm loving your list!


    1. Yes. So thankful for small beginnings and the having a mind that knows how to start from the beginning! ;-)

  3. I love Bible based workbooks. I did one a few years ago about powerful women in the Bible and to this day it is one of my favorites. One of my checklist items is to get back on my Bible studies and this just inspired me. I do read She Reads Truth daily but I would like to add something like this to my routine.

    1. I saw a few about women in the bible and I was so torn about which one to start with. I decided to do the bible first and then do a deeper look at the women of the bible next. I'm going to look up She Reads Truth. Thanks for sharing that!

  4. I am pretty out of touch with Bible studies but this husband one is super interesting. I want to get it but is there a wife one too? LOL

    1. I don't think there is a wife one, LOL. Or at least I haven't seen one...


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