Friday, February 13, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

You know how you have those super productive days where you get so much done? And then you have those days where you get a lot done but at the end of the day you can't remember what you did. And then there are the days where you have no idea what happened. Those days are kind of like a twenty-four hour blur.

Well, yesterday I decided to keep a journal of what we did. I wanted to see what we had done at the end of the day. Here is a random Thursday in my life. There were pretty pictures to accompany this post but my computer is still a hot mess, so....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

6:30 - Wake Up. Scrolled through IG & email. Shower, brush teeth, skincare regimen.
7:06 - Little Mike wakes up. Diaper change. I put on our clothes.
7:11 - Turn on Sav's lights.
7:14 - Sav is up. I'm still getting Little Mike dressed.
7:18 - Get Sav dressed. We're running behind schedule.
7:25 - Style Sav's hair.
7:34 - Go downstairs.
7:35 - Make breakfast and give allergy medicine to Sav.
7:36 - Play morning music.
7:54 - Bundle up and prepare to leave the house for school drop off.
8:02 - Brother called.
8:06 - Preschool drop off. I forgot her Valentine's Day swap book. Gotta go home, get it and bring it back.
8:16 - Prepare dinner in crock pot.
8:25 - Do makeup.
8:50 - Diaper change.
8:58 - Drop book off at school.
9:05 - Respond to husband's text. Head to MOPS meeting.
9:27 - Finally sitting at table. Little Mike cried at nursery drop off. MOPS breakfast begins.
9:40 - Console Little Mike at nursery.
9:45 - Eat breakfast. Meeting starts. Return Little Mike to nursery.
10:15 - Nursery pages me again. I keep him because he's so upset.
11:24 - MOPS is over. Head home to regroup. I need headache medicine.
11:30 - Diaper change.
11:33 - Check crock pot. Sweep kitchen. Clean countertops and table.
11:46 - Head to preschool for pickup.
11:55 - Got Sav. Headed to Dollar Tree for VDay card supplies.
12:26 - Done at Dollar Tree. Going to grab lunch.
12:30 - MJB's Real Love comes on the radio. I get my life real quick.
12:45 - Sit down to eat at CFA. I got the Asian salad.
1:11 - Made a wish. Sav goes to the potty before we get in the car. Next stop is Starbucks for gift cards.
1:15 - Sitting in Starbucks drive thru. Switched from radio to Brandy's Never Say Never album.
1:20 - Finished at Starbucks and headed to PX because SB did not have any VDay envelopes for their cards. Should've gotten some at Dollar Tree.
1:36 - Arrived at PX.
2:18 - Back in car going to grocery store.
2:42 - Finally headed home. :-)
2:46 - Home. Unloading everything and everybody.
2:54 - Diaper change. Outfit change for everyone except Sav.
3:06 - Uploaded pic for blog post.
3:21 - Blog post done. Heading outside to fly a kite.
3:44 - Decided to head to the playground for a bit.
4:06 - Starting the sides for dinner.
4:11 - Responded to a FB message from a friend.
4:21 - Started Valentine's Day cards. Husband gets home.
5:30 - Ate dinner.
6:15 - Went to gym for a quick workout.
7:00 - Headed home to tuck in babies.
7:13 - The kids are in bed. Time to shower.
7:35 - Called my Mom. Put on PJs. Separated Laundry.
8:00 - Started load of laundry. Folded towels and clothes.
8:23 - Scandal and HTGAWM w/ husband.
10:13 - Sleep
6:16 - Woke up before alarm...


  1. Replies
    1. Now that I've read this it seems like a lot, LOL! When it was actually happening it didn't feel as bad as it sounds.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading it. Sheesh! Take a seat and breathe.

    1. I have a hard time resting during the day. I really need to figure out how to give myself some slack.

  3. Super mom! Reading this makes me feel lazy!

    1. No girl! Don't feel lazy! This was a busy day for us but we definitely have our down days too.

  4. Im going to do mine tomorrow to see what I really do in a day. This is gonna be fun.

    1. It was an eye opener for me. It made me feel more accomplished, LOL!


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