Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Recap: 2/17/2015

Nothing too much to say about this weekend. I attempted to rest and failed. On Monday we took Little Mike to the barbershop for his first visit. Our plan was to take him so that he could get use to the barbershop and meet his barber.

He had a blast running around. The barbershop wasn't open so it was a great time to take him. We sat him up in the chair and he seemed okay. Once he heard the clippers he began to cry. I decided to play some his favorite songs on my phone and that seemed to settle him down.

Since he did so well we decided to go ahead and get his haircut. He looks like a big boy now! I'm missing his hair and can't wait for it to grow back. He'll get it cut again but I don't think it'll be this low.

This was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. We did a little shopping and I'm expecting somethings in the mail soon. I'm thinking of sharing that haul with you on YouTube, we'll see. My computer issues will hopefully be resolved by then. 

I can't save one. more. thing. to this hard drive, sigh.

And the blogging app I use on my phone is distorting my photos, double sigh.

How was your weekend?

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