Friday, July 24, 2015

CiCi's Pizza Stuffed Crust & Fiery Mango Tango Pizza

Yesterday the kids and I had the opportunity to visit CiCi's Pizza to check out their newest pizza inspired by one of the winning dishes on Food Network Star. I am a fan of that show and was already familiar with Eddie's win so I was extremely excited to trying out this new pizza at CiCi's.

I have to admit, I don't think I've been to a CiCi's Pizza since college. I remember hitting up that buffer for five dollars and some change, getting full and sharing laughs. Those were some good time with my girls. These days I'm hitting up CiCi's with a new crew and I have to say that even though my squad looks a little different we still had just as much fun.

Savannah was so happy to join the other kids and make her own pizza. They learned about baking and ate their masterpieces while the Moms and smaller babies got all the dish on the new Unlimited Stuffed Crust and the Fiery Mango Tango Pizza.

While Sav was busy making new friends, Mikey and I were making our very own Unlimited Stuffed Crust Pizza. The crust on this pizza is so yummy. Between now and October 25 you can treat yourself to 100% real cheese baked right inside a handmade garlic crust topped with pepperoni. 

Here I am giving my pizza some extra love with some parmesan cheese. Don't worry all of the Unlimited Stuffed Crust pizza have lots of cheese, not just mine. (get you some and thank me later)

While my pizza was baking away in the oven I learned all about the new Fiery Mango Tango Pizza. A sweet, tropical blend of pineapple and mango with a cinnamon sugar crust, cream cheese icing and a jalapeño kick - it tastes as good as it sounds. When I first heard all the ingredients I wasn't convinced that I'd love it but I'm eating my words now because it was love at first bite.

This pizza was so sweet and spicy all at once. A pregnant lady's dream. Just when I thought I couldn't be more satisfied my Stuffed Crust Pizza came out of the oven...

Ten extra cheesy slices of pizza just for me (and my Mikes - I shared). Each slice had enough sauce, cheese and pepperoni - soooo good! Little Mike even ate some and I can hardly get him to eat anything covered in sauce. 

CiCi's Pizza is such a great place grab lunch or dinner with your family. They have also made some updates to their salad bar so you can make sure your little ones get some veggies to go along with all that pizza while you're there.

When was the last time you visited CiCi's? Get there soon because the Fiery Mango Tango is only available until August 16!

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