Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Trimester Survival Kit & Tips

Now that I feel much better I thought it would be a great idea to share how I survived my horrible first trimester with two little kids running around. It was not easy or pretty but we all made it out to the other side.

If you've never experienced morning all day sickness, good for you and I'm slightly jealous. For those of us that have dealt with the sickness that comes along with pregnancy you know how tough it can be to find some relief.

first trimester kit

Here are some of the products and survival tips I used to help make it through those tough weeks...

Favorite Products:

Cetaphil - Pregnancy acne happens to the best of us.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter - Itchy skin

Bio-Oil - Safe for use in Second Trimester - Stretch mark

Prenatal Vitamins - This one is a no brainer. :-)

What to Expect When You're Expecting - This pregnancy bible will answer all of your questions and calm your fears.

Journal - Record your milestones.

Ponytail Holders - Wear your hair out of your face. It makes throwing up less messy.

Motion Sickness Bracelets - Some swear by them; give them a shot.

Lemon flavored candy - Sour/bitter candy always helped settle my nausea. (Try making lemonade.)

LBD (Maxi, Maternity - whatever) Black looks good on everyone and will flatter any changing body.

Ginger Tea - Helps with nausea.

Unisom & B6 - Helps with nausea. Ask Doctor before giving this a shot.

Lip Balm - If you become dehydrated a lip balm will keep your lips moisturized.

Body pillow - Sleeping will be so much easier with one of these. Get one and thank me later. :-)

All of the items featured in my First Trimester Kit can be found in my Amazon Store. 

Survival Tips:

Shower - Something about a shower always makes me feel better.

Brush your teeth - Brushing your teeth gets that icky feeling out of your mouth. 

Wash your face 2x a day - This helps fight pregnancy acne. Do it even when you feel tired.

Be slow to rise - Getting up quickly can make you lightheaded/dizzy.

Rest. Rest. Rest. - When you feel tired, rest. Pushing yourself to do more will only make you feel worse.

Eat small meals throughout the day- The too empty or too full struggle is so real. 

Stay hydrated - Get plenty of fluids everyday. If water is tough to keep down try adding lemons to your water.

Get fresh air - Getting off the couch and out of the house helped me a lot during my first trimester.

Exercise - Try a water aerobics class to keep your body moving.

Be weary of Pregnancy apps - The forums on those apps are like the gift and the curse. Proceed with caution. If you've ever been on one you know what I'm talking about.

Treat yourself to something - A pedicure, manicure, hairdo, outfit or something for the baby.

So what were you go-to items during the first trimester? Share some of your survival tips with me in the comments!

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