Monday, July 6, 2015

Simple Family Schedule Idea for Summer & Back to School

July is going to be a busy month for us. I am already confused about what's going and when and it's only the first Monday of the month. Last year I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers to start using a calendar. Back when I was a student in college I lived by my calendar so the concept of scheduling myself wasn't foreign to me but I had somehow gotten away from making it a part of my life.

I blame the invention of the smartphone.

family schedule idea

I'm one of those people that prefers the old school way of doing things. I like seeing everything written out on a piece of paper. Putting appointments in my phone is a great way to be reminded of what's happening but I have come to realize that I need to be able to see everything at a glance. For me personally, I really need to be able to look at the entire month at one time and see it all.

Looking around the internet and at other blogs I noticed that planners were back in style. I have seen some pretty impressive planners all decked out with different highlighter colors, stickers and everything. They are quite impressive. I tried that last year and failed. My planner never looked pretty and I hardly ever used it so when it was time for me to get a new calendar for the family I decided to take it all the way back to the basics.

family calendar.

I decided to grab this desk size calendar. Initially, I did have that urge to buy colored sharpies or pens to make this fancy but I fought that urge with a strong, "Nah...". When I got home I got a trusty number two pencil and started filling in all of our July dates. Done and done.

It was easy, effortless and extremely efficient. It may not be the prettiest calendar but it works for me. I am in the process of getting back to a more organized and simple way of living. Pinterest and Instagram will have you all in your feelings thinking you need to do more when you don't. 

Be inspired by this. Be easy on yourself. Sometimes it's really as easy as a pen and paper. Less is really more. I'll continue to share how I'm organizing and simplifying my life over the Summer. My goal is to have everything done before school starts again in August.

How are you keeping up with your family's schedule? Have you found new ways to simplify your life? Share them in the comments!


  1. This is such a great idea! I need to find a desk size calendar ASAP ... I currently write in this little book I carry in my purse, but I'm loving the idea of the calendar!

    1. Thank you!! The calendar makes it so easy for everyone in the family to stay on track with what's happening that day. I really love it!

  2. Ha!! @ Pinterest and IG having us all in our feelings.. So true! I almost bought a REALLY nice planner for a ridiculous price, all the while convincing myself of how I would definitely use it... I passed. I combined a few free resources to create my own "home maintenance book".. I just may post about it! ;)

    1. Yes! I saw some of those expensive pretty planners and almost got one. Then I realized that I just needed something simple that everyone in my family can see. The calendar sits on our desk so we can all see what's going on, but I'm the only one allowed to write on it, LOL!


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