Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School Tips & Hello Fresh Giveaway

Back to school season is in full swing. Savannah's teacher called me last week to schedule our meet and greet before school starts in a couple weeks. We met her once before during the PreK Kinder event they had for all of the new students back in April.

The event was informative and gave all of us a chance to meet the teachers and get a feel for the school. I'm so excited for the upcoming school year. Savannah grew up so much during preschool last year and I know she's going to handle PreK like a boss!

Back to school tips

Over the Summer I made sure that we kept learning. I didn't overdo it though because my other mission for the Summer was to make sure the kids played outside as much as possible. Now that we are about two weeks out from the start of the school year I have been transitioning the kids back to our regular schedule.

I thought it would be helpful to share how we're getting ready for back to school season as a family.

Get back to bed on time - Over the Summer I allowed the kids to stay up past their bedtime a few times a week. The weather is so hot here that they can only play outside first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Playing in the evening was great but it did put them in bed much later than they are use to. Last week I started implementing their regular bedtime. My goal is to be out of their rooms with bedtime stories and prayers done before 7:30.

Plan your meals - The evenings go so much smoother when you don't have to figure out what you're having for dinner. You know I'm a fan of planning my meals for the entire month. If that seems overwhelming for you start by planning your meals a week or two at a time.

Implement quiet learning time - If you haven't been having some type of focused learning time over the Summer create some time for it before school starts again. 

Attend Open House - This one is a must if your little one is heading off to school for the first time. Before school actually starts Savannah would have had three different meetings with her teacher. If your child's school is offering an open house or "meet the teacher" event, go! It will make everyone more comfortable on the first day.

Join the PTO - Okay, so this one is optional but since I'm all about being involved I'm going to suggest joining the PTO. You don't have to be President or hold a position on the board. Sign up to be a member and when your schedule allows volunteer at your child's school. There are also opportunities for behind the scenes volunteer work too. For example, Sav's school is holding a luncheon for all the teachers and they have asked PTO members (and parents who want to help) to bring in different items for the luncheon. I signed up to bring drinks because I'm not available to volunteer in person that day.

Create a family calendar - I know most of us plug appointments and places to be into our phones but I love the idea of a family calendar that everyone can see and have access to. It doesn't have to be fancy at all. It's a great way to share doctor appointments, extra curricular activities, school functions and family events. I also use this calendar with the kids everyday during our morning routine, they love it.

Be consistent with routine - Try to be consistent with your daily routine the week's leading up to school starting. Whatever your family's regular schedule is try to stick to it as much as possible.

Back to School/End of Summer Party - I love giving myself a reason to throw a party for my family. Have you ever thought about celebrating back to school season? We plan to make a big deal out of it by going out to dinner as a family and letting Savannah choose the restaurant. We'll talk about going to school and what she's excited about learning the most. We'll also give her a little back to school related gift. It'll be something small like a school supply kit with her favorite characters on them.

So, those are some of my tips for getting ready for the back to school season. I wanted to do something special for my readers because I know how hectic back to school season can be for Moms. I am giving away this Hello Fresh gift card to one lucky Mama. As you might remember from my Mama Boxes unboxing I received this gift card in my second trimester box but I want to pay it forward and give it to a Mom that might need a little help getting a healthy meal together for her family.

If you have never tried their service this giveaway is for you! (please read the giveaway details in the box below) Good luck!

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  1. Such great tips!!! Today was Little R's first day back! Summer seemed to fly by for us.

    1. Thank you!! I feel like the Summer flew by too!!

  2. Those such great tips! Our back-to-school is a little delayed this year. We are relocating a few weeks and none of the preschools in the area have openings! Hopefully, one of the schools will have a spot available after Labor Day.

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