Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just For Me® Hair NEW Milk Collection

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All Summer I have been trying out new hairstyles on Savannah. It was actually one of my missions to learn how to braid before the Summer was over. Well, we won't talk about what progress I've made towards achieving that goal but I will say that I have become pretty good at some other styles.

I consider that a win.

The whole wash day process is something that I absolutely dread. I love Savannah's hair. Her hair is the exact same coily curly texture as mine. It gets extremely tangled and she let's me know about it. She's never cried but I can tell that she doesn't enjoy the detangling process of wash day.

We have tried so many different products to improve detangling. I was so happy when I found out we'd be trying the new Just For Me® Hair Milk Collection. My Mom used their products on me when I was kid so this is a full circle motherhood moment.

Infused with shea butter, soy milk and honey this line gently cleanses to prevent the breakage that can occur while detangling. It smells amazing and the product line is free of synthetics and parabens.

After using the Pre-Wash Softening Detangler I could finger comb her hair and comb it from root to tip with no problem. She didn't flinch once. Amazing. We absolutely passed the #5fingerchallenge! Her hair was full of moisture and so shiny. I was excited to try the rest of the line. 

The pre-wash product made shampooing and conditioning Savannah's hair more enjoyable for both of us. I have never seen her this happy on wash day. She was relaxed and laughing which made me feel so good.

Once I was done rinsing out her conditioner I braced myself for what I thought was going to be the moment our fun time playing "kitchen beautician" went south. I literally could not believe it but I was able to brush Savannah's hair from root to tip with absolutely no problem or back talk. Mind officially blown.

Honestly, I was so surprised at how tangle free her hair was that I actually had my husband take a quick video of me brushing her hair. I wanted to show you just how manageable and stress free the Just For Me® Hair Milk Collection made her hair. If you have a child with beautiful naturally curly hair you know that this is pretty cool to see...

I enjoyed bonding with my daughter today. It's important to me that she feels good about herself and embraces her natural beauty. I'm actually looking forward to our next wash day.

The Just For Me® Hair Milk Collection can be found at Walmart ($5.49). Give these products a try! The line is incredible and affordable. 

Pre-Wash Softening Detangler - Eases pre-wash detangling and breaking from combing. My favorite product from the line!)
Moistursoft Sulfate-Free Cleanser - Cleanses without stripping hair of natural oils
Silkening Conditioner - Protects against dryness and breakage with advanced conditioning technology
Hydrate & Protect Leave-In Conditioner - Creamy and lightweight formula locks in moisture and maintains bouncy curls
Leave-In Detangler - Restores hair's moisture, flexibility and shine

How does wash day go at your house? Try the #5fingerchallenge and let me know your results!

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