Monday, September 14, 2015

Chic Bump Watch: 25 Week Update

How far along? 25 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yes. I find most of my maternity clothes from ASOS, H&M, Old Navy and Ross. My Oopsie Loops bands help make some of my non-maternity jeans fit but I prefer actual maternity jeans.

Stretch marks? No. I do get spider veins though...

Sleep: There are nights when I sleep like a husband and there are nights when I sleep like a newborn baby.

Best moment this week: I have several. Being home with my family, having my parents come visit to help me and getting some really great blood pressure numbers during my follow up appointment.

What do I miss about pre-pregnancy? Wine, working out and medium rare steaks...

Movement? Yes. #grandfinalebaby moves a lot, mostly at night.

Food cravings? Not really. I do enjoy spicy foods and snacks though.

Anything making me queasy or sick? Hearing someone blow their nose (which grosses me out when I'm not pregnant), smelling morning breath and hearing someone clear their throat.

Gender: We DO know the gender.

Labor signs? Nope.

Symptoms: I is big. I is tired. I is pregnant.

Belly button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood swings? My personality has definitely shifted. My tolerance level is not as high as it normally is which is causing me to be snappy and maybe a little mean.

Looking forward to? I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my pregnancy, Savannah's birthday party and the Fall season.


  1. "I is big. I is tired. I is pregnant." Bahaha!! Love it! You should make a meme out of that!

    1. And you look great by the way!

    2. Thank you!! I keep trying to find a meme from The Help but I can't find one that has a pregnancy theme to it, LOL!

  2. "I is big. I is tired. I is pregnant." That phrase alone wraps up each of my pregnancies in a nutshell. Lol. You look so pretty, Tia. Glad you're having some great moments with the pregnancy! Hope all is well.

  3. Oh.. To sleep like a husband!! Bahahahahaha!! Congrats again Tia!! (*patiently) Waiting on that gender reveal... ;)

  4. Love watching your bump grow! This makes me miss being pregnant, but I'm done. No more for me!


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