Sunday, September 20, 2015

Organizing Mamas: Kitchen Pantry Reveal

This week has been so busy. I haven't blogged much because Savannah's birthday consumed all of my free time. I'll do a post one day this week about everything we did to celebrate her turning five.

Now that I am sort of back in the swing of things Mimi from Unlikely Martha and I are revealing our spaces for the Organizing Mamas Challenge. This could not have come at a better time for me. While I was recovering from my hospital stay my Mom was in town and she pulled my entire kitchen together. It's so organized in here and I am loving it. I can actually find lids to containers now. My heart is so happy.

My pantry before was a hot mess. There were things stuffed and crammed all over the place. Little Mike would take stuff out, throw it away or hide it somewhere in the house. Now all of his favorite items to play with are out of his reach and no longer in bright eye catching colors. He has lost all interest in the pantry. Again, my heart is happy.

Here is a before pic of the pantry...

military housing kitchen pantry

And here is the after...

One of the things my Mom did that I loved was that she completely removed all the medicine out of the pantry. She also got rid of the cereal boxes. One of my favorite new features of my pantry would be the snack tub. I don't buy much junk food but we always seem to have tortilla chips (because chips & salsa are household staples here) whatever snacks I buy for the kids. The smaller tub on top is filled with kid friendly snacks like fruit snacks, breakfast bars and applesauce. The larger tub holds popcorn bags and chips. 

The bread basket freed up space on my kitchen island (another heart happy moment) and I love that the potatoes and onions have a basket of their own. Military housing doesn't provide much storage in some of the historic homes (like our's) so you really have to get creative with making the small spaces work. I think my Mom did a great job!

What do you think of my pantry makeover? Now head over to Mimi's blog to see the reveal of her space. She recently did a blog overhaul with a new name and vibe to match. Be sure to stop by and show her post some love. She's got so many great DIY/home posts!


  1. LOVE IT.

    Whenever my mother comes over she is always up to something. When we lived in Philly and she would come and visit it was always a treat. She would redo the kids closet the hall closet my closet the entire kitchen and clean the fridge all while watching my 6 children because I was in the hospital a lot.

    Moms are great. Even now that I live in Maryland I was sick the other day and had to go to the ER when I came home the kitchen was cleaned and the kids had been bathed and put to sleep.

    Tell mom she did a great job.

  2. Good job! Girl, I may need to clean up my pantry even for my before picture. It's gross. Renovations will be starting soon. Do you have a medicine cabinet? Where did your pills go? Mine are in my pantry as well. I don't have one on the wall in the bathroom like back in the day. I miss that.


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