Friday, January 1, 2016

All About 2016

Dang... It's 2016. Just like that 2015 is old news.

I'm glad to be ushering in a new year. I spent the majority of 2015 pregnant, in and out of the hospital, chasing these kids and supporting my husband through his last semester of grad school. So when I say that I am HAPPY to see 2016 I mean it!

happy new year 2016

I achieved almost everything I wanted to last year. I don't have any huge resolutions or lifestyle changes to make for 2016.  All I want to do is pick up where I left off in 2015 and keep going. The New Year is a great time to start fresh and create momentum.

What do you want to do in life? Who do you want to be? Where would you like to go? It's never too late to dream big and go after those dreams with a fearless ambition. Like my husband says, "It's never too late to make a good decision."

That's what I am going to do in 2016. I will continue to fearlessly make decisions that align with my dreams and goals. I pray the same for all of you. I pray that God's blessings continue to abundantly overflow in your life. Use Motherhood as your motivation to be a dream chaser. If you don't show your children how to reach for their goals who will?

Here are my goals for 2016:

Set time aside daily for Bible Study.
Publish my eBook that was written in 2015. (Hitting inboxes, Amazon and iBooks Jan 15, 2016)
Exercise, Workout, Snapback...
Properly prepare for our upcoming move. (I'll share our next duty station soon!)
Complete my next writing project by Thanksgiving. (Another eBook for the '16!)
Continue to blog consistently & build a brand that produces consistent income.
Send out Christmas cards.
Take more pics with my husband. (We have so many pics of us with these kids but hardly any of just the two of us. I need documentation of how dope we are as a couple this year.)

That's all for me! What are some of your goals? Share them with me. I want to cheer you on this year! 

Happy New Year!


  1. Great goal lists. I totally need to take more pics with the hub. Cheers to the new year and continuing to be chic!

  2. Great list, Tia! Big congrats for writing an ebook and accomplishing all of your 2015 goals.

    Wishing you and your family much love and many blessings in 2016!

  3. Blogging consistently is on my list of goals for 2016 in addition to taking another family vacation, being more intentional about letting my loved ones know I care about them and decluttering before our next move. I'm sure you're going to get all of your goals accomplished and then some.


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