Monday, January 11, 2016

Mini EBook for Moms

Happy Monday! We're in the second week of the year already. I am keeping my word to myself and building momentum to achieve my goals for the year.

Yesterday I attended my first fitness class of the year. I will talk more about that later this week. Over the weekend I also had a chance to work on the cover for the eBook I've been working on. I also had a chance to give myself a refresher on all of the self publishing platforms that are available. After reading lots of terms and conditions on several sites I have selected one that I think will be perfect for my first project.

I am scared to death of this release. What if no one likes it? What if no one reads it? So many what ifs have crossed my mind. The thing is that I feel like I'm suppose to be creating this type of content for women. It's like I have this little voice telling me to do it and every month (or year) that goes by without me doing anything I feel like that voice gets louder and louder.

Listen to the whispers. Trust your instincts. Move forward with confidence.

goals quote

During a conversation with my Mother I realized that if I constantly allow the fear of all the what ifs hold me back I'll never know what greatness may be waiting for me. Being creative and putting out work is something you just have to do. You have to just go for it even if you don't feel ready. 

I am taking my own advice here. 

If I keep waiting until I'm ready I may miss my blessing. Listen to the whispers, Tia. 

What fears are you pushing past to realize some of your goals?

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  1. I'm definitely pushing past a lot of fears to knock some of dreams. We have to take risks and put it all on the line sometimes in order to reach our destinies or come into our purpose. I've learned to stop focusing so much on the negatives, but to highlight the positives instead. Can't wait to read your book!

    1. Thank you! I'm in the same boat. I'm starting to look more at the positives instead of focusing so much on the negatives.

  2. I let fear get in my way more than I should too. I can't wait to read your book and I'm sure other people are excited too.

    1. Thank you!! I saw a Steve Harvey video on FB today where he talks about "jumping" into your destiny. It really speaks to what we're talking about here.

  3. I just made it through a fear before I came through a blog. I honestly have a fear of applying for freelance work. What if no one takes me seriously or thinks I am worth it. But I rather be rejected that wonder if that little project that fit me so well could have been mine. If you feel you were suppose to do books, then that is already a GOOD feeling. Better than doing something out of pressure or obligation.

    1. You should def go for freelance work. How incredible would it be to be able to work from anywhere?! That's the stuff dreams are made of and I'm trying to get to a place where I'm able to earn an income by doing what I feel is my purpose.


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