Wednesday, February 17, 2016

32 Before 33: Nail Polish Haul

Today I was out with the boys while Savannah was in school running errands. We had to hit up a few stores to find what I was looking for. Normally that irritates me but today I found each stop to be a win for different reasons.

During our first stop I received a manufacturer's coupon for the item I was looking for. At 2.00 off that coupon was worth the hassle of getting the boys in and out of the car. My next stop was at Target where I found one out of the two items I was looking for and I used one of the coupons. Walked out of there feeling like a winner.

My last stop was at HEB (a grocery store that has a monopoly on Texas it seems - but it's a great store so it's all good) and not only did I find the other item that I was looking for but as I was walking to the register I saw a Wet n Wild clearance display. All items were forty-nine cents a piece. Again. A winner - cue the DJ Khaled...

wet n' wild nail polish

The colors are from left to right...
Grasping at Strawberries
Do Pass Go
She Sells
Yo Soy

Which color is your favorite? I think I'm going to try Yo Soy first.


  1. I am not much of a polish person because I always mess my nails up before they dry. I think I like Grasping at Strawberries and D'Oh

  2. Grasping at Strawberries and Do Pass Go are my faves. I love bright colors.

    1. Do Pass Go is so pretty! I can't wait to start wearing brighter colors this Spring.


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