Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Salad You Could Eat Everyday

I eat the same thing for lunch just about everyday. When I'm home and not stuck in the car running errands I make myself a salad for lunch Monday thru Friday.

Why do I eat salad everyday? Well for one I have always loved salads. In high school I would hit up Souper Salad during the Summer and in college I'd crush the salad bar in the cafe. All you can eat. And it's healthy. Yes, please.

easy lunch salad

While a salad buffet is far from something I'd want to do these days (because solo trips to a buffet with babies sounds like a miserable way to spend a lunch hour) I do still crave my salads and I get one in daily. To make things easy on myself I have found one salad that I love. One that I could eat everyday. Just like Chinese food without the calories and the MSG.

Here's what I keep on hand to make my lunch fast, tasty and healthy...

1 - humungous bag of Earthbound Farm Organic Triple Green Blend (POWER) - Costco
Roma Tomatoes
English Cucumber
Boiled Eggs
Kalamata Olives
Broccoli Florets
Red Onion
Rotisserie Chicken - Costco Deli (All grocery stores have a ready to go 'tisserie these days though.)

For my dressing I go with a diagonal smear of whatever I'm into at the moment. Right now I'm on a creamy ceasar kick. Anyway. This is what I eat everyday to help make the approaching Summer less terrifying. It'll be shorts and tank top season soon and Lord knows I want to be ready...

Getting in shape after Moses has been a process as I have no motivation whatsoever to be at the gym. Now that the weather has broken I do have the itch to get out and start walking/running. We'll see if that itch gets scratched soon. Until then at least I'm eating well. 

easy lunch salad

What do you normally eat for lunch? Are you creeping thru someone's drive-thru everyday? I encourage you to find a healthy lunch you could (but you certainly wouldn't have to) eat everyday. Have that stuff in your kitchen at all times and see if it cuts down on trips to Chick-Fil A. 

Now I want a spicy chicken sandwich....


  1. Salad is where it's at! We go through so much salad here and I love it. Moo and I finally convinced the Mr to get on board with eating healthier and taking salads to work for lunch and he loves them. Now we just have to work getting the little guy on board. He loves the chicken, but he's not here for the lettuce and other veggies.

    1. My little guy isn't a salad eater either. He likes cucumbers but that's just about where it stops.

  2. I did a week with salads for lunch that I pre prepped and my life was so easy. I even baked chicken strips that I added.

    I'm trying to get back in the gym. Went once last week and am determined to go twice this week coming. I love salads as well and so do my babies. I just need to learn about that smear of dressing instead of drowning like I do!

    1. This week my goal is to start waking up before my family. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my workout in and get fully dressed before anyone is awake. Savannah loves salad but Mikey only eats the cucumbers right now. Salads might grow on him.

      I do a diagonal smear and then I mix to get everything coated.


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