Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Potty Training Mikey

Little Mike is definitely the child that gives me a run for my money. He's all boy. Very big and strong for a two year old and he's showing us more of his personality everyday. Because of his size and strength and insane diaper loads I have finally made time to potty train him.

My goal was to have him trained before Moses was born but that didn't happen so here we are...

I actually hate potty training. When Savannah was getting trained I blogged about how potty training is ruining my life. This time around my life isn't totally ruined but these days have certainly been rough. Each child is different and I think I finally figured out what will work for Mikey.

For starters Mikey is not a "sit on the potty every 20 minutes" type of kid, just no. Yesterday I figured out that as long as he's naked he'll hold it. So that's where we are right now. Today is our second day of full on training and he's gone to the potty and remained dry all day today (so far).

His little sticky face and runny nose is keeping me so busy. I wasn't sure how he would respond to boot camp potty training but so far so good. Here's what we've done to potty train Mikey...

1 - Cleared our schedule. You gotta be home to potty train.
2- Determined his process for learning. The naked method seems to be working for him.
3 - Determined how often he needs to be sitting on the potty. I offer the potty every 20 minutes but he doesn't actually do anything on the potty until about the hour mark.
4 - Celebrate his success. We have a potty song that he likes and a sticker chart that seems to be working for him.

I'll keep you posted on his progress and share tips along the way! If you have potty training tips for me please share them in the comments!

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