Thursday, March 31, 2016

Potty Training Tips & A Fun Success Song with Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®

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Potty training little Mike has been going well. We have made some progress thanks to all of the suggestions and advice I received on the Facebook page. I have been reminded that there are several stages to the potty training process and not all kids will go through them as swiftly as others.

Once I received everyone's advice about how they trained their little boys (I swear I didn't experience any of this with Savannah) I decided to buckle down and embrace the challenges that come with potty training. The first thing I did was revamp our bathroom to make it more toddler friendly.

I tried to skip this step and it back fired. Big mistake. While in Walmart one day I grabbed a cool potty stool, a potty seat with handles and Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®. The key for me was to purchase two of everything. This allowed me to make the bathroom downstairs and upstairs an easy place for him to go potty.

Once the bathrooms were all set for him I knew we would have success. I think it made the entire situation less intimidating for him. I guess it's hard to focus on going to the potty if you're worried about falling in it.

To create his space the first thing I did was get rid of everything that wasn't essential to potty training.  All of that other stuff was a distraction. I replaced some of our adult things with a woven basket filled with Pull-Ups.

This makes it easy to grab a new pair if he needs them. Savannah potty trained so fast that I never used them with her. I like that Pull-Ups are soft, comfortable for him and incredibly stretchy. He's learning to pull up his underpants all by himself.

When he's playing I don't have to worry about accidents if he doesn't make it to the potty in time. The wetness indicator shows us if he's wet and that's been super helpful.

Of course, one of the most important parts about potty training is finding out what incentive speaks to your child. We use a sticker chart but what Mikey loves the most is his potty song. One of my many talents is freestyling (I'm kind of kidding) and Mikey's success song is one of my latest tracks.

Steal the lyrics below or create a song for your little one by thinking of a song your entire family loves and switch the words until you come up with something you can all sing together to celebrate success on the potty.

Walmart has a wide selection of baby products to fit your family's needs. My entire potty training kit for one bathroom came in around $30 (for one bathroom). The Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® were $8.97 and Mikey loved the Pixar's Cars Lightning McQueen design. Find out which type potty training character your child is here.

Mikey is actually using the potty when he sits now and I owe that to all of you that gave me your best tips and advice. Any other potty training tips you'd like to share?

Learn more about Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® available at Walmart.


  1. I LOVE that you made up a little song for him! I bet he loves singing and dancing to it to celebrate! Great idea!

    1. Thank you! He loves that song and will request it before he's even done on the potty. It's been a HUGE motivator for him!

  2. That such a cute song! I love DJ Kaled, so I can totally imagining it! I was telling someone else that we used the "Naked and $75" method when my sons were allowed to walk around naked from the bottom down and that helped them to learn much faster. Then, Pull-Ups® helped for when they were still learning how to TELL me they needed to use the bathroom when they were wearing clothes. That took a little longer for them to learn once they had pants on. But it still worked well! #client

    1. YES! Same here! We use the naked method the first few days until they understand how to go. Then we use Pull-Ups® until they're ready for underwear. The Pull-Ups keep me from cleaning up extra messes throughout the day and I am so thankful for that.

  3. Give this Mom a record deal! lol Go Mikey- you will probably be nighttime trained before Noah. Then you can teach him.


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