Monday, April 25, 2016

Braised Short Ribs...

calphalon dutch oven

Sundays are for supper. Sunday dinner was always such a big part of my life growing up. I remember my Mom or Grandma making the most delicious meals on Sundays. We'd come home from church and come right in to a hot dinner.

How did they do it?

My guess is that someone was up super early cooking while I slept. I can manage to do that sometimes but not as often as I'd like.

I love a good comforting Sunday dinner and I look forward to that time in the kitchen. I might dread cooking every other day of the week but not Sunday.

Sundays are when I try new things. I give myself time to cook without the pressure of getting food on the table by a certain time. This Sunday I tried braised short ribs in my dutch oven pot. I normally make them in the crock pot but not this Sunday. This Sunday I tried something new and it was delicious.

I started patting the short ribs dry before sprinkling them with kosher salt and black pepper. In the dutch oven I cooked some pancetta until is was nice and crispy. It didn't render enough fat (for me) so I cooked a piece a bacon and all was right with the world (and in my kitchen).

I dredged the ribs in flour before searing them. I was not patient and rushed through the searing. As a result my ribs were not as brown as I'd liked. Won't make that mistake again... Patience is a virtue.

I added all of the ribs back to the dutch oven. Sprinkled them with some dried rosemary. Poured two cups of chicken broth (cause I didn't have beef) into the pot. A dash of red wine vinegar. Added the bacon and pancetta. Cooked them in the oven for two hours on 325.

braised short ribs

They were fall off the bone good. Everything about them was good. They smelled good and they tasted like somebody's Grandma made them. 

braised short ribs

I served them with brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. Is it Fall yet?

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