Thursday, May 12, 2016

Moses 6 Month Update

Moses is six months old now. Six months. I can not believe it. He's a funny little guy. His smile lights up a room. Moses has recently been introduced to baby cereal, veggie, fruit and meat purees. His love for anything on a spoon is too real. I can only imagine what my grocery bill will look like in a few years.

These days Moses enjoys wiggling and watching his toes. He babbles and laughs. Within the past couple weeks he's been doing better and better with learning to sit up. When he's propped up he does fine but without a prop he's a rollie pollie.

It's so hard for me to believe that this is the same baby that was in the NICU. Sometimes I forget that he was there. It's not until he goes in for his monthly blood draw that I am reminded of his NICU stay and premature birth.

Moses has neutropenia. You can read more about what that is here. He sees a hematologist every month and he is monitored closely. We are praying that his neutropenia resolves itself like the other issues he had at birth.

Other than that, he's doing great! Today he weighed in at 14 pounds. His birth weight was three pounds. He's growing up so fast. Time please so down.


  1. This kids has amazing genes, such a great looking strapping young lad. Resembles his Grandfather, looks like you just want to hug'em!

  2. So sweet! Our little is almost 8 months and I am already wondering about my future grocery bill. Hubs reminded me the other night when I cooked a pizza for us that I'll need to cook way more once our boy gets bigger. Crazy. I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you!! They grow so fast!


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