Sunday, May 29, 2016

Operation Snap Back™: Color Vibe 5K Run

A couple weeks ago I participated in the Color Vibe Run 5K that came thru San Antonio. I ran with a group of friends on a team. It was a busy full day for us all but we took the first few hours to ourselves and I'm so glad we did.

Leading up to the race I had visions of being able to train and really run my best race. About a week out from the race I realized that those visions weren't going to happen so I laced up my shoes and gave it my best shot. It was my first real run since having the baby. I figured if I was able to run half of it I'd consider that a win.

There were a couple things that I didn't know about the Color Vibe Run before running it. Here are a couple things that I wish I had known before running...

- You have to pick up your registration the day before the race.

- During registration there will be lots of opportunities to buy things. I didn't buy any of the things and I still had a great time. 

- You may have to pay to park. During the online registration they said it would be a charge for parking but when we arrived at the race parking was free. Double check with your location to confirm if you'll need cash for parking. (I had completely forgotten about the parking fee but luckily my friends had cash if we needed it.)

- If you run with a group have a meeting before the race to plan out logistics. Who are your fast runners? Who plans to walk? Is everyone staying together? Are you splitting up and meeting at the finish line?

- There is a party before the race. You can get fully covered in color before you run if you'd like.

- It's not liquid paint, it's powder and it washes out very easily.

- The colored powder is thrown on you by volunteers. I thought we'd be running thru arches of colored mist, but no. People were throwing the powder on you. I wish there had been arches.

- Wear something that you don't mind getting messy. Everything washed out fine but I'm still glad I wore my husband's tank top. 

- Bring a towel or a change of clothes. You will be messy afterwards. My friends and I had to go straight from the race to a soccer game. We sat on our towels in the car to keep the mess from spreading. 

I hope my tips help you if you ever decide to run this 5K. It was a lot of fun. I would run it again. 

Running this race also checks off one of my 32 things to do before 33!

Have you ever done the Color Vibe 5K?

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