Saturday, June 11, 2016

Army Wife Life: We Have Too Much Stuff

If I open one more box of crap I just might pass out. Like, really. No one needs this much stuff. When I mean to tell you that the number of crayons and pencils we own is right up there with Office Depot - I'm not kidding.

Unpacking an entire house with three small children has been a test of my patience. I might be failing that test too. I'm not a person that can live in clutter so having boxes and their contents all over the place is sending me to a bad place.

This picture does not do the mess justice. It seems like the more I unbox, organize and setup the bigger the mess gets. I have been making Goodwill piles and trash bags left and right. In three to four years when it's our turn to move again I swear I won't be in this situation again.

I have managed to get the kitchen, laundry room, garage, additional storage space/craft closet and the kid's rooms all done. The only room left for me to do now is the master bedroom. Once we get rid of all the donation piles I think this place will finally start to feel like home.

I'm ready to start enjoying our new home. We have a fenced in backyard that I am dying to start focusing on. The kids will have a blast playing back there. The fact that they can go out and play and I don't have to worry about chasing Mikey has given me so much life....

I just love looking at all the trees that are back there. Many of my favorite mom bloggers are decorating their outdoor spaces. I feel inspired to give my little patio a makeover. I'm on the hunt for some patio furniture and a fire pit.

Hopefully this place will be fully unpacked and "done" in a day or so. Have you seen any cute patio sets? Tell me where to shop for them in the comments!


  1. We got our deck table/chairs from friends who were moving so I don't have any advice for you there. But it sounds like you are making progress on the house! One day at a time - good luck getting the rest done!

  2. Target is having super clearance on outdoor stuff now. Not sure if the clearance schedule is the same but cute stuff and Big Lots

    1. There are lots of Big Lots here so I'll be sure to check there, thanks!


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