Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mikey Turns Three

Today Mikey turned three. Where has the time gone? I feel like I just had him yesterday. Mikey was born at 35 weeks because all of my fluid leaked out and he's been on a roll ever since.

Mikey is my daily challenge. A fearless and strong little boy that gives me a heart attack at least twice a day. He is all of the things a three year old should be. My little Mikey is full of so much mischief but he's also a sweetheart...

You may have seen him on snapchat flat out ignoring me but it's all in love. His personality is so funny. From birth Mikey hasn't really been here for any games. He's a man trapped in a three year old body.

For his birthday we did all of his favorite things. We colored, ran around, ate french fries and pizza (and cupcakes!) and we played with his new monster truck. He was in threenager heaven.

I love that Mikey is the complete opposite of his sister. It keeps things fun and interesting around here. Watching him grow and change has been such an amazing blessing. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!

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