Monday, June 20, 2016

V I D E O: Costco and Commissary Grocery Haul

I haven't made a meal plan since our move. I have yet to get to that place where I'm planning meals because I'm still trying to get everything settled. I'd like to start meal planning again in July.

We recently purchased a deep freezer and it is my new favorite thing. I no longer have to cram everything into my freezer and things aren't falling out on me when I open it. I am in love.

The commissary here is always super busy. At our last duty station one thing that I actually liked about the commissary is that it was never "packed" or crazy busy. There were absolutely times where the line would be a little long but the store never felt like a zoo to me. This commissary is a zoo.

The Costco here has a weird layout. It will take me a few more trips to learn the store. The strawberries and mushrooms that I bought had furry mold on them the very next day - very disappointing. My goal is to check out the Farmer's Market for produce from now on. There's one every Tuesday not too far from the base.

Not that this has anything to do with groceries but I finally checked out the Target closest to me and I am not a fan. I didn't even know it was possible to not like your local Target. I'll be venturing out a bit more to check out another one soon.

I hope you all had an amazing Father's Day weekend. If you have any questions about my grocery haul feel free to ask me in the comments!


  1. Love the grocery haul! I am mentally preparing for doing those big grocery hauls to replenish our pantry once we get to RI :) If you're making a whole chicken, I have a fabulous and easy recipe for making your own chicken stock! The gal who wrote this blog post lives in SA :) I made it every time I make chicken and then once it's cool I put it in ice cube trays, freeze and pop them all in a gallon zip lock bag to store in the freezer. Then if I need chicken stock for anything I have it ready to go in the freezer~!

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I really should start making my own and that is a great way to do it! Restocking the pantry has taken a million trips to the grocery store. Every time I want to make something I can almost guarantee myself I don't have all the ingredients, LOL! Eventually things will return to normal. I will def appreciate the time between now and our next move. :-)


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