Monday, July 25, 2016

21 Day Fix Extreme Results Week Two

Just like that, week two is over! I can not believe that I have been able to eat clean for this long. I honestly can't believe that I haven't had wine in two weeks.

Can I just tell you that I am amazed with these results? I'm not sure how fast I thought the program would work or if it would work at all but I they have made a believer out of me.

I feel so much better. All I wanted was to get rid of my belly and I have gotten so much more than that. Getting up at 5:30 to workout hasn't been bad at all either. This program has created new habits for me that I plan to weave into my lifestyle.

I think about food differently now. I see myself differently too.

14 days ago I was riding that wave to Lostdom. The place where Moms go to lose themselves. I'm so glad I pulled over for a pit stop.

Do you feel that you've lost yourself or that you're on your way to losing yourself? Well, it's never too late to make a good decision and make some changes. (My husband always says that)


July 11, 2016               July 18, 2016                    July 24, 2016
Chest - 33.5                  Chest - 33                        Chest - 32.5
Left Arm - 12               Left Arm - 12                  Left Arm - 12
                    Right Arm - 12            Right Arm - 11         Right Arm - 11.5 (muscle?)
Waist - 32                    Waist - 30                        Waist - 29
Hips - 40                      Hips - 39                          Hips - 39
Left Thigh -24             Left Thigh - 22.5             Left Thigh - 22.5 
Right Thigh - 23.5      Right Thigh - 22.5           Right Thigh - 22.5

As I enter the last week of my challenge I want to encourage and motivate you to be be your best self. Whatever that means to you. For me, being fit is one of the components I need to live my best life. I need to feel good from the inside out.

So many people have reached out to me about the program. Please continue to send your questions. All of the equipment and the programs  I use are now loaded in my amazon store. Feel free to check them out!

What's something that helps you feel your best?


  1. Girl! You look great! You've had some good gains for this to only be the second week. You've been consistent, which is often a hindrance to making progress. Having a shorter goal (21 days) makes the finish line look much closer and attainable, so that helps with sticking to it! Another positive is that you had a good structure underneath the weight you're losing, so some of that muscle memory is still there! It's definitely tempting, but I' don't have it in me right at this moment the give it a try! I'm enjoying watching your journey and I'm going to file this information away for safekeeping until I'm ready to commit! LOL!!

    1. Thanks Mionna! Yes, I agree! I was able to get into pretty good shape after my second baby and that definitely gave me a good foundation. I like the 21 day goal because it's just long enough to form some good habits but short enough to motivate you stay with it. I think what made it easy for me is that you're still able to eat whatever you want for the most part. There are things that I have missed during these past few weeks though.

  2. I have so enjoyed watching you snap this program and your commitment is motivating! Seeing a real person get real results is everything too. I have work to do to get back into shape after just having my second baby but it has to be gradual so I won't take this on just yet. But, it's definitely a program that I now plan to look into once I feel my body is ready to handle it. Thanks so much for keeping us updated along the way. I'll have to bookmark your store for future reference!

    1. Thanks for watching my snaps! You just had your baby like five minutes ago so give your self some time. Moses is almost 9 months old now. It took me that long to feel up to getting in shape. Enjoy this time with your girls and when you're ready I will cheer you on. You can do it!


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