Monday, July 18, 2016

21 Day Fix Week One Results : Pros, Cons & Tips

I survived the first week of 21 Day Fix Extreme. The first day or two was rough. I was hungry. Some of the workouts were very hard. I would even go so far as to say they were indeed extreme.

The skeptical side of me didn't know if I would see any results this early into the challenge but around day three something happened...

It's like Autumn Calabrese hooked me up to a machine and sucked a great bit of my bloat out. That was very encouraging. Seeing that small bit of change made me want to stick with the meal plan and get those workouts in.

Now that I'm a week in I'd like to offer some pros, cons and tips for anyone thinking about doing this program. First, let me say that I am not a Beachboy coach and my reviews about this program are not sponsored. No one is paying me. I purchased everything myself.

Now that we've gotten that little disclaimer out of the way...

What I love about 21 Day Fix:

- The workouts are only 30 minutes.
- The exercises are broken up into 30-60 second increments. "You can do anything for 60 seconds", she says.
-The meal plan is simple enough to follow.
- If you do it right, you will feel or see the results almost instantly.
-The Beachbody website has tons of info and a community to help you succeed.

Things I don't love so much: 
(And I'm being totally picky here)

- I don't like that she doesn't do the workout with you the entire time. She kind of walks around and talks about form, which is important, but I kinda want to see her do it from start to finish with me.
- I wish the kit itself came with more recipes and meal ideas. I have been using Autumn's website and Pinterest but I think it would be great if a true cookbook came with the kit.

So how do I measure up from when I started? Here are my inches... (the level of bravery here should be revered)

July 11, 2016                            July 18, 2016
Chest - 33.5                             Chest- 33
Right Arm - 12                        Right Arm- 11            
Left Arm -12                           Left Arm - 12
Waist- 32                                 Waist - 30
Hips - 40                                  Hips- 39
Right Thigh - 23.5                  Right Thigh - 22.5
Left Thigh - 24                       Left Thigh - 22.5

Since July 11th I have lost about 7 inches. Not too shabby.

I had Savannah take a pic of me this morning because I could notice a difference in my tummy. It looks like a bit more progress has been made since yesterday when I took the pics above. Here I am this morning after my workout.

My tips to make it through the first week would be get up early before anyone in your family and get your workout in. Drink plenty of water. PLAN YOUR MEALS and do not cheat the meal plan. 

So I'm hanging in there. I'm ready for week two! If you would like to see what I'm eating everyday and how I feel after my morning workouts be sure to follow me on snapchat (TheChicSAHM). 

How is everyone doing on their own fitness journey? What do you think of my results so far? I'm cheering for you all. We can be Moms and be in incredible shape, let's do it together!


  1. You are doing so amazing!!! 7 inches in a week...that's insane!! So proud of you! I'm going to be sharing recipes in our challenge group this week :)

  2. I tried to screenshot the salad on Snap but didn't catch it. What all was in it? I can't wait for these folks to go back to school so I can get back on a schedule and start working out again.

    1. I normally do a spring mix with grape or cherry tomatoes, english cucumber, boiled egg, pumpkin seeds and red onion. Sometimes I'll add olives if I'm in the mood. When I eat meat I prefer rotisserie chicken. I had gone so far left I had to go ahead and get started on a plan.

  3. Ok, yes. I thought I was the only one who wanted her to do the entire workout with me instead of walking around being perky and pushing on people while they work out. *side eye*. I sneaked a look at the scale and's working

    1. I'm so glad someone else feels the same way! I want to know that she can make through these workouts too. Are you taking measurements? I was doing the scale but the way my feelings are set up.... I felt like everyday it was saying something different. The scale at the gym I think is broken because it was a 15lb difference from my scale at home. Needless to say I'll be tracking my inches. Good luck to you! I'll be cheering you on, we can do it!

  4. I was looking at the program yesterday. I decided I'll get the portion control containers, do my Jillian Michaels workouts because I've had great results with her and now to pick a meal plan. Thanks for sharing the not so good. A cookbook or full meal plan is a must for me.

    You're looking great mama!

    1. Thank you!! I'll take a look at Jillian Michaels too! Which one of her programs would you recommend?

  5. Congrats on your progress! We're just getting back from spending a week at my mom's. I didn't get in a real workout, but I did amazing when it came to watching what I ate. The Mr commented the other day that it looked like I shed a few lbs. I'm waiting until after this week of workouts before I hop on the scale. I've also been been killing it in the drink more water department. Here's to week two!

    1. Good for you!!! Congrats on your progress!

  6. Way to go! You are totally rocking it. I can definitely see the progress. I think I may need to look into something like this because I'm seeing very little progress with what I'm doing {watching what I eat, walking daily, treadmill workouts, and weight training}. I don't know if my body is resistant or what... It's kind of disheartening.

    1. That's tough. Sometimes switching things up can help. I think it also help me to pin point what I was doing wrong before. My portions were way out of control. I was also eating a lot of food that cause bloat apparently. As soon as I changed what I was eating I saw results. The meal plan that came with the DVDs was very helpful.


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