Friday, July 29, 2016

Pacific Northwest Style: Embracing the Rain

Rainy Weather Style

Rainy Weather Style by thechicsahm featuring how to wear boots

Someone is going to hate me for this post but I just can't help myself. I'm anxiously awaiting Fall's arrival and all of the new weather I'll get to experience with it. The Pacific Northwest is sure to give me a true Fall season and I literally cannot wait.

Now that I have a reason to buy jackets, coats and rain boots I'm planning my purchases. That's right, I'm pre meditating the immense amount of shopping that I'll be doing to survive all the rain here. I hear that it rains for about 80 days straight. I want to be ready.

Rainy Weather Style

Coats, jackets with hoods and hats will be my go-to look when the rain starts. Have you ever tried to wrangle kids and hold an umbrella? It doesn't work. You still end up wet and frustrated. I'm opting for outerwear that I can wear that will keep me dry and my hands free.

I'm thinking that the actual rain jackets will be nice when there's actually rain falling and the trench coat and leather jacket will be good for the cool overcast days when there's just a little mist in the air.

For now I'll continue to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree days until the weather changes. I'll share my wet weather haul when all of the purchases have been made. Are you looking forward to Fall? I can't be the only one...


  1. I have 2 pairs of Hunter boots and they keep your feet from getting wet but if your feet get cold like mine you may want to purchase some boot socks. And yeah as cute as an umbrella is you probably want to go with a works better with kids! Learned that lesson the hard way too! I LOVE Fall...especially in Ohio the weather is perfect!!

    1. Thanks Carissa! I will def get some boot socks for my rain boots! It didn't rain much in Texas but when it did using an umbrella was absolutely pointless, LOL! I'm trying to play ahead now since I know for sure the rain is coming. :-)


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