Wednesday, August 10, 2016

32 Things to do Before 33: 6 Month Check-In

Today during our visit with the hematologist I realized that February is six months away. When she told us we didn't have to come back for six months (yay!) I counted out the months and it was FEBRUARY!

My birthday month! I'm not one of those people that celebrates my birthday for an extended period of time but I do believe that birthday are our own personal new years. So every year I try to start fresh and use what I learned from the year before to be a better me.

Bellagio Restaurant
Dinner in Vegas at Prime overlooking the Bellagio Fountains on my 30th birthday

I started out my thirties with a trip to Vegas and I am determined to continue riding that high for the rest of this decade. So if you remember I made my list of 32 things to do before turning 33 a while back. To be honest, I have actually completed some of these items but since they weren't documented here we'll all agree that it doesn't count.

The young people say it didn't really happen if it wasn't shared on the world wide web so I guess we'll apply that rule here.

Is there something that you want to do before your next birthday or the New Year? It's not too late to set some new goals and dream some new dreams! 

My goal for the upcoming week is to start waking up early enough to have morning bible study, journal and workout. Those are a few things off my list that I would love to start making time for daily. Wish me luck!


  1. I love the concept! I'm turning 35 in November and have been brainstorming on some short term goals I can accomplish in these next 90 days or so!

    1. Thanks! I tried to pick things that were fun, a challenge or something that I've never made time to do. Have fun making your list. Happy (early) Birthday!


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