Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chic Living: Making a (BASE) House a Home

It is so hard to believe that we have been here for three months already. Now that we are settled I am getting the itch to decorate and turn this house into a home. I never got the itch to decorate in Texas. That house didn't inspire me or speak to me but this one speaks volumes.

It may be the natural light or the fact that this house just has a better layout. Either way, I have been adding little touches here and there so I figured I'd share some of my makeover goals with you.

The first thing I want to do is buy curtains. We need curtains for the living room and some window coverings for the back sliding door that leads to the backyard in the dining area. I also want to redo our dining room chairs (again).

I don't like the first fabric choice I made. Now that I know how cheap and easy it is to do the chairs I'll be searching for a fabric that I absolutely love. I'm thinking a solid color would be great next to curtains with a pattern.

Savannah has been asking for a big girl room lately. I really want to convert her bed to a full size and give her room a big girl face lift. We already have the frame for her bed. I just need to get her a new mattress and figure out a theme for her room. She likes pink so I plan to weave that color in somehow.

I really love the window seat in her room and I want to make that a special place for her to read. So far she's been using it to drive my OCD in overdrive.

And then there's our room. I honestly just want new bedding. I grabbed our current comforter when we moved to Texas in 2012. That comforter has seen better days. Between the kids and the move it has a large rip in it (that had to be done with scissors - no one knows how it got there 😒).

I am kind of obsessed with clean white sheets. So my dream bedding would probably be an all white big fluffy bed but I do love a lot of the fun pillows I'm seeing lately so I don't know which way to go.

We'll be here for at least three years (hopefully) so I really want this place to feel like home. Share your home style inspiration with me in the comments. Got any suggestions for curtain colors for the living room?

SIDE NOTE: That couch is our ride or die. She's not as pretty as she use to be due to all the kids and the moves that she's endured. I think some pillows would give her a nice face lift...


  1. Yay! Congratulations on the new house. That window seat is sooooo dreamy.

    Decorating is so much fun. I'm in the white linens club too but I have patterns everywhere because that's what I was into when I first started looking at bedding.

    Anyway, I cannot wait to see your Afters!

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to get the guts to go all white in our room but with the way my offspring is set up....

  2. I tend to like deep colors when it comes to curtains like royal blues, deep purples and dark reds with hints of gold. I agree that some fun pillows can give the couch new life and you could add a pop of in Savannah's room with a pink cushion for her window seat or some pink bedding and accessories.

    1. A cushion for her seat is a great idea! I was thinking about shades of blue too. I'm going to do the living room first. I need to find some inspiration pics.


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