Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fall in Love with Autumn

I am in love with Fall the way many people are in love with Summer. Now that August is halfway done I am literally counting down the days until everything becomes pumpkin flavored. My Fall wreath is anxiously waiting it's turn to be showcased on the front door and I plan to give her the stage the day after Labor Day.

Bye, Summer.

I feel like Fall doesn't get the love that it deserves. Back to school kind of steals Fall's thunder a bit I suppose. Once kid's go back to school our attention seems to shift toward the holiday season and Fall just gets left in the dust.

Well, not in my house. I see Fall as the perfect opportunity to slow down and focus on family. It is my goal every year to get my family out and about during the Fall season the same way I drag them every where all Summer. 

Why do I love Fall so much? Well, for starters, the weather and the scenery. It doesn't get much prettier than a beautiful Autumn day. I love a good sweater outfit and Fall is the perfect season for daily sweaters and family photos.

Fall Family Photo Idea

Fall Family Photo Idea by thechicsahm featuring mens leather sneakers

Here are some of my favorite Fall activities...

-Pumpkin Patch
-State & County Fairs
-Train rides
-Evening walks as a Family (with hot apple cider or hot chocolate)
-Apple picking
-Baking with the kids (think about using the apples you pick)
-Visit the Farmer's Market regularly 
-Check out the zoo (it's less busy and the temps are much better during the Fall - which means you can actually see the animals)
-Decorate Pumpkins
-Watch the Peanuts Halloween and Thanksgiving specials
- Go on a hay ride
- Make a big deal out of football season
- Host a Thanksgiving dinner
- Make some homemade caramel and use it in everything

For more Fall inspiration check out my Autumn board on Pinterest...

Do you love Fall as much as I do? What are some of your favorite Fall activities?


  1. Fall is my favorite season. After the heat of the summer I'm always ready for the cooler temperatures. The trees are beautiful and it's the perfect time of year to spend lots of time outside.

    1. I agree! I think Fall is the best time of year to be outside. The temperature is just right and I love the crisp feel of the air during Fall. I can't wait for the season to officially begin!

  2. fall is my FAVORITE! I may or may not secretly already have my table center piece out. HA. That's just because none of my neighbors can see it and call me crazy :)

    1. LOL, that's totally okay! I wanted to buy mums for the porch so bad this past weekend but I resisted. I can't wait to put some out in a week or two!

  3. Fall is hands down my favorite season. Sweaters, boots, warm colors, what is not to love??? That's probably the one and only thing I miss about living in Pennsylvania ~ the beautiful foliage when the leaves begin to turn. *sigh*

    1. I can't wait for the leaves to change here! I don't that we'll see tons of Fall colors because I think the rain keeps everything pretty green but if all of the trees behind our house turn to warmer colors I'll be in heaven. Looking forward to spending time back there with our fire pit burning!


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