Monday, August 29, 2016

Goodbye Summer 2016


Next weekend is the unofficial end of Summer and beginning of Fall, yay! I know I show Fall a lot of love but I do enjoy Summer. I'll miss watching the kids running through the sprinkler while waiting for the ice cream truck.

Two treats from the ice cream truck costs about five bucks. That lady is making a killing. 

So much has happened this Summer. We moved from Texas to Washington. The kids seemed to have grown so much this Summer. Savannah is all legs and Mikey is almost just as tall as she is. Moses is crawling and eating everything in sight.

They all seemed to handle the move and the new time zone just fine. Once school starts next week and the cooler rainy weather rolls in we'll see how they handle not being outside as much. I've got some indoor activities lined up for them that should keep us all nice and busy until the sun comes back.

This Summer made me realize how much fun it can be to start new adventures. As a military family we start over a lot but I always forget how fun it is to be somewhere new. The first 90 days that you're in a place really does feel like a vacation because you experience so many firsts.

We have found quite a few new favorite places. The fountains and the waterfront in Seattle is a top pick of ours. We also hung out at a waterfront park that was absolutely breathtaking.

Savannah lost her first tooth this Summer. The other tooth came right in so for now she still has a full set. I expect her to lose the tooth next to it pretty soon.

And so here we are. We managed to survive a lot of changes. This time last year I was pregnant, tired and trying to manage everything. He was working full time, completing his practical for grad school and working part time at a hospital. 

So when I mean to tell you we have loved every bit of this Summer - we have LOVED it!

The end of the year is always a busy time for us with birthdays, the holiday season and our wedding anniversary is right at the end of the year. Between now and next June whenever I feel exhausted I'll think back to this Summer and how easy it was.

I know the sun will take her hiatus here soon. I will miss her and the simplicity she brings to our days. Goodbye, Summer. It was real. It was fun. It was real fun. See you in 2017. I already have big plans for you.

What was the highlight of your Summer?

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