Thursday, August 11, 2016

Teething Kept Me Up All Night...

How cute is Moses?! I mean, just take his cuteness in for a bit. I do it all day. He ceases to be this cute at 2am when I want to sleep. Just keeping it all the way real around here...

Last night Moses fell asleep at his regular time but woke up about an hour later and he never went back to sleep. I was sitting there as the hours passed thinking, "This can't be life right now..." What happened to my baby that slept all night long? I need him to come back as soon possible.

Mikey and Savannah never struggled with teething. I honestly don't remember Savannah teething and because of that I think it's safe to say she handled it fine. Mikey started teething at around four months and he had lots of teeth before he even started walking. Nursing him was interesting...

Now we have sweet baby Moses who seems to need a bit of help. Well, I'm not sure if he really needs it but I need him to sleep so we will be trying some different teething aids to soothe his sore little mouth.

I will admit that the only thing I researched before heading to the store was baby teething ointment and the amber necklaces. I have decided that while I am too much of a nervous wreck for the necklace I am totally comfortable with anything over the counter.

So I basically went into the store and threw everything teething related in my cart. I know, I know... judge if you must. These are unchartered waters for me and I just need to find something that works.

So here is what we'll be trying...

If your baby had a hard time teething please tell me what you did to soothe them. I need all the suggestions. All of them. ALL. OF. THEM. Thank you!


  1. I use Camilia drops, it's some kind of chamomile homeopathic medication my friend recommended to me. It seems to work. I put the amber beads around his wrist. Not sure if they work lol but he's wearing them. His bottom teeth gave him problems but not as bad as his top teeth coming in now. I tried oragel once and he made faces and cried more. People have recommended Tylenol and motrin to me too but I haven't used it yet. Teething sucks but I love seeing him smile with those little white chiclets in there :))) I like your blog and congratulations on finishing your 21 day fix!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion! The teething tablets seemed to work well for him. That is such a great idea to put the amber bead around the wrist!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks for all the blog & 21 Day Fix love too!

  2. My little bugger had no issues when the top and bottom front set of teeth came in. These molars, though?! Different story. I'm convinced that those "unexplained" cries he tends to have these days stem from those two teeth coming in but we've yet to try anything other than a soothing embrace.

    As the rest begin to fill in, I may have to try something. The ice things like what you have pictured is a common suggestion we've been getting. Orajel never worked for me so I'm not even gonna bother. Ha! This is my first time seeing teething tablets so I may look into those.

    I hope Moses continues to have a better time with it!

    1. Thank you! The teething tablets ended up working really well for him. I am so glad I gave them a shot. I hope your little one finds relief soon!


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