Thursday, November 10, 2016

Moses is ONE!

Moses turned one over the weekend! Can you believe how fast time has gone by? I feel like I just had him. My little #grandfinalebaby is doing so well. I actually have to remind myself of his birth story sometimes.

We had a very low-key celebration for his birthday. If you follow the Facebook page you know that my kids had a vomiting spell. That spell morphed into some virus that hit us all. By the time I caught it I'm pretty sure it was the flu. 

After what seemed like the longest two weeks of my life our family is finally symptom free. Moses and I still have little coughing spells here and there but for the most part we are all doing so much better.

Due to the sickness being passed around and the lack of energy that went along with it we celebrated his birthday with homemade (from the box) cupcakes. All of the kids seemed happy with that. I am almost convinced that much of the pomp and circumstance of a kid's birthday has more to do with the parent than the kid.

I'm picking up on the fact that they are just as happy with these little at home family parties.

I'll still throw birthday parties though. Cause Mom guilt won't let me be that laid back and chill. 

Back to Moses - these days he's a dancing machine. His personality is so sweet and funny. He says Mama and Dada and he's very vocal with his baby talk. He can stand but he isn't walking just yet. Moses enjoys playing with his siblings and dragging all the tupperware out of the cabinets.

He's a good eater and sleeper. His top teeth are coming in and that's causing him some discomfort right now but other than that he's doing well.

He'll see his hematologist again during his 12 month well baby check up. If all of his blood work comes back okay they won't need to see him again for another year or so. 

I am so thankful for his good health and our health as a family.