Monday, December 5, 2016

Cold Weather Workout Tips with Mizuno #BreathThermo

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

Cold Weather Workout

They are calling for snow in the forecast this week. Snow. I haven't seen, touched or felt cold crisp air in years. I'm excited for a real winter and all of the different weather changes that come with it. Getting outside for runs has been challenging with all of the rain that we get here in Washington.

I have managed to figure out how to get my workouts in despite the weather and I'm going to share my secrets with you today.

Cold Weather Workout

Secret One:  Get the proper workout attire for cooler weather. Your workout will be cut short if you are too cold and wet. Catching a cold isn't an option for busy Moms like us so we have to be dressed appropriately while running. I like the Breath Thermo line by Mizuno. This shirt generates heat using moisture from my body. It's lightweight and it stays dry. I wish I had this shirt in every color. Maybe Santa will see this post and gift them to me. I've been a really good girl this year.

Oh. And I don't want to forget to share that the gloves I'm wearing have storage pockets! Don't we love surprise pockets?! They also have a swipe finger making it easy to manage your running playlist.

Cold Weather Workout

Secret Two:  Have a plan. This one might be a no brainer but you have to plan your workouts. I plan for the entire week. There's a weekly calendar on my fridge that manages my entire life. If you're ever at my house and want to get all up in my business read that thing. You'll find our family meal plan for the week and my workouts for each day right there with all of our appointments. I don't skip it if it's on that calendar.

Secret Three: Keep it simple. Try following the same workout plan for an entire month. I like alternating between cardio and strength/toning workouts. For example, M/W/F might be toning days and T/Th/Sat might be cardio days. I also limit my workout time to 30 minutes a day. The only exception to this is when I run or attend a group fitness class.

Cold Weather Workout

Secret Four:  Don't take December off. This time of year isn't exactly fitness focused. Do you know what that means? That means your favorite running trails, machines and classes will have low attendance and more space for you! This is the perfect time to learn a new machine at the gym, try a new class or discover a new running route. When January comes you'll already be so ahead of the curve. Don't wait for 2017. Start now!

Does cuffing season keep you from getting Summertime fine? It doesn't have to. Check out the #BreathThermo line from Mizuno to stay warm and dry. Let's push through the cold weather season together. What's your favorite cold weather workout?